First Light 2016

For me, 'First Light' started when a friend laid down the challenge to get out together and capture a photograph at official sunrise on the first day of a new year. Over the time since that first light in 2008, we've managed to get out together 5 of 9 years and the remaining 4 we've gone out on our own, wherever we were. For me, recently, that has been in Tobermory, as we're up at the cottage for some winter holidays

On New Year's Day, up in the dark hours before dawn, a quick coffee (or two), location selected, gear prepared and bundled up, I headed out with the idea of capturing the Tobermory Lighthouse at Big Tub at the moment of sunrise 2016-01-01. I arrived at the location and stepped out of the car into the cold morning wind, snow whipping violently about. I knew there would be no "sun" in the "sunrise" again this year. There really hasn't been for any of the years since 2008, though in 2012 it was close.

This year, decided to try a different 'look' and selected my 8mm fisheye on the 7DII. The unique perspective of the "fisheye" lens was a challenge and wasn't quite able to set up for the composition I had envisioned, but time was running out and I had to get set. 8:06 am quickly approaching. After positioning the tripod and locking down the camera, I had a few minutes to spare ... and then blizzard conditions hit. The lens and I quickly became covered in snow falling in the lee of the cedars at water's edge.

With a quick shake of the head, wipe of the lens ... "click" it was done. Another "first light" challenge was in the books.

seeking the light


  1. Very nicely done - especially the getting up and out that early!

  2. Thanks FG, it's become a tradition.

  3. Congratulations on another year done...
    "Separated by distance but not by time" not on this morning :-)

  4. I so enjoy seeing things through your lens. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy 2016!